Removing Easylifeapp?

No, this post is not about helping you remove Easylifeapp but to make you rethink the idea. What made you install Easylifeapp in the first place? Why will you now want to remove it after intentionally having it on your computer? This post aims to clarify misconceptions on Easylifeapp and to make you rethink your decision.

To emphasize, Easylifeapp does not automatically get installed on any computer if it is not deliberately installed by the computer’s owner. It is not some virus that replicates itself in computers and gets transmitted to other computers. If you failed to properly understand how this application works, it is not the app’s fault and it will be unfair to associate it with viruses and malware just because you misunderstood what it is supposed to be doing on your computer.

It’s rather unfair that Easylifeapp is mostly associated with unflattering and negative feedback or insinuations online. If you look for it through search engines, you will likely be faced with a multitude of search results that denote and connote many negative things.

Not a Malicious Software

To clarify, Easylifeapp may be tagged by some as malware because it allegedly slows down computers and tracks Internet activity without the user’s knowledge. These are likely misinterpretations of what Easylifeapp is doing. The “monitoring” processes that may be committed by the app are basically intended to create a more streamlined and personalized experience for users, not to steal data or exploit vulnerabilities in the computers of users. As one of its functions, it filters out online search results to deliver only the best to users. It optimizes Internet connection for faster and more productive Internet surfing.

Easylifeapp lifts restrictions on certain users, especially for those who are in networks that prohibit access to certain websites. Just like how anonymizer solutions are perceived, Easylifeapp’s methods of enabling access to typically inaccessible sites could be viewed as something malicious. Well, this is one of the major drawbacks of being relatively unpopular. Since Easylifeapp is not one of the highly advertised applications at present, not many exert the effort to know it better, to understand why it does the processes it is doing.


Easylifeapp’s functions can be summarized as follows: providing up-to-date information, presenting online income opportunities, and offering online entertainment options. The app compiles information from various online sources and presents them neatly in one well-organized and intuitive interface. It presents various opportunities for making money online. No, these are not get-rich-fast opportunities. You will still have to do some work to make an income. What Easylifeapp does is simply to compile the many online income options already posted on different websites. Easylifeapp tries to make it easier to go through these opportunities but does not promise easy money. Lastly, Easylifeapp offers a variety of entertainment features right on your screen. These include games and fun apps you can enjoy casually.

The accusations about Easylifeapp being a malware are unwarranted. In almost all cases, they are just the results of being misinformed or not being able to properly grasp the purpose of the app. Yes, the app’s name might be an exaggeration as it does not really make your life easier in general. However, it’s too much to claim that the app damages computers and is even involved in data theft or spying. Take some time to know the app better and you may find it useful. If you still think it’s not worth a space on your computer, removing it isn’t really difficult. You can uninstall it just like how you would uninstall other software.


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