Having an easy life in the Internet


Having an easy life in the Internet is easier thought of than experienced. That is because by nature, the Internet is dynamic. It changes at a very fast rate. Updates, new websites, and latest developments are being introduced every day. On top of all these, there are so many bogus information like spam messages and scam schemes in the Internet.

As a result, it becomes difficult to keep track with the sites that you visit. Internet surfing for information and sites that are relevant to your work or even entertainment becomes tough. People doing individual SEO, vying to get their sites or business in the first page of search engines are also to blame for these.

So how do we make good use of the Internet if it is as crowded as it is? Is there a way that we can get around all these difficulties?

The Solution

The answer to these questions in a tiny application called EasyLifeApp. This amazing application helps you by providing you easy access to all the sites that are relevant to you. If you are researching for something, all you need to do is input details about what you are looking for and the app will show you a list of sites relevant to it.

Now, what you can do is bookmark the pages that you like and deem necessary to revisit. The app will record all the sites you bookmarked eliminating the chances of you bookmarking the site again. The app also will notify you if and when the sites you have bookmarked have updates or fresh contents.

But that is not all. The app will classify the sites you bookmarked into three categories. This makes it even easier for you to revisit them. All the sites that have marked that are news and information related will be listed down under the category “stay updated”. On the other hand, all sites that are business and money making related will be under “make money”. And lastly, the category “have fun” will have all the bookmarked pages for entertainment.

How to get it

Since this is such a neat and wonderful tool, the question now is if it is for everyone. The answer is yes. EasyLifeApp is free and downloadable by just about anyone. All you need to do is drop by the website, download the app, and install it is your computer. Once you’ve done that, you are well on your way to an easier Internet surfing life.

The Drawback

All these are not say though that Easylifeapp is not without drawbacks. This app, just like all the rest is not perfect. Nothing is. At one time, you may come across a site provided by this app that has contents that are poorly done or irrelevant. Another drawback is that the app is not ad-free. In other words, you will see ads while using the app. To some, it may be annoying. However, if you would look closely at the benefits that you enjoy, and weigh them against these drawbacks, you would see that these downsides can just be ignored.


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