Easylifeapp Is an Excessive Hyperbole But…

Try searching for Easylifeapp on Google and you are bound to see an array of results that mention the app in a negative light. The first few results would be about removing Easylifeapp instead of details on using it. In most cases, the articles that prominently figure in the search engines are treating Easylifeapp as a malware or virus.

It’s baffling to see that a software like this can receive this much negative publicity but it continues to exist. If it’s really a bad software, why does it still have an online presence? It’s even more perplexing why it continues to have an official website. It also has an official Facebook page with hundreds of likes. Is it just a victim of negative publicity or is it suffering disreputability simply because people don’t know how to use it?

Easylifeapp is touted as an app created to help users stay updated, make money online, and have fun. As this article’s title puts it, these three things are nowhere near making life easy. The Easylifeapp is obviously an exaggeration, a hyperbole in steroids. It’s like Apple’s “There’s an app for that” marketing campaign. The claim is ridiculous but in some little part, it actually makes some little sense.

Easylifeapp certainly does not make your life easy. What app does, anyway? However, tagging it as a malware does not seem fair. It’s an app that does not cause problems to computers. It does not replicate itself and spread infection from one computer to another so it certainly isn’t a virus. The problem with people who quickly dismiss it as an undesirable application is that they don’t take the time to understand what the app is all about, what the app is for.

For instance, there are those who immediately consider Easylifeapp as a malicious software because of its claim that it can be used to “make money.” For them, anything that promises online money-making schemes cannot be trusted. It has to be pointed out, however, that Easylifeapp’s “make money” claim is not about instant online money. What the app does is to present income-generating opportunities online. These are third party opportunities culled from the Internet. If you want to make money with them, you have to work according to the schemes they present. There’s no instant money-making venture touted. It’s just a compilation of the same online income opportunities consolidated in one convenient place. There’s no get-rich-fast promise here but a system to find opportunities more quickly.

Additionally, concerns about Easylifeapp slowing down a computer are baseless. Well, maybe in cases when a computer is inherently slow, adding Easylifeapp as another application to the already long list of applications pre-installed may cause some slowdown but this is a normal consequence of adding more applications to an already slow system.

Summing it up, the assertion here is that Easylifeapp is being unfairly tagged as a malicious software by those who fail to understand what it’s meant to do and how it is designed to work. Perhaps, the developers of this app should consider cleaning up their online reputation. Easylifeapp is an extremely exaggerated name but to accuse it of being malicious or being a virus is similarly an exaggeratedly negative accusation. You have to try and learn more about the app before accusing it of being problematic or malicious. Anyway, it’s very easy to uninstall it if you find it useless.


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